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the daily incoherent ramblings of an incoherent me

TiNgToNg Belle
28 June
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Me. Hmmmmmmmmmm~~~~

Well... I'm currently 21. Doing my last semester of Bachelor of Asian Studies (Japanese) in ANU (Australian National University) in Canberra. Don't really know what I'm gonna do after graduation, I've never been much of a planning-ahead person with regard to career life and all.

Important people in my life
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I love my boyfriend. He's schizophrenic =P. He could either be a totally adorable sweet thoughtful silly crazy person or a total sarcastic meanie, depending on his mood ^__^ hehe. Somewhere along the line I started calling him Dongdong =0. (or d2 for short) I can't really explain why or how I started giving him that nickname, it jus happened. heh =P. so in the end, he's Dong dong, and I'm Ting Tong, =P, sumtimes he calls me 'belo' (similar to 'baka' but in Malay) and so my nickname is modified to Ting Tong Bell-O =P. its silly but I love it ^__^.

Hmmmm, what else..? I have a really small circle of friends (as u can tell from the no. of ppl on my friends list =P), and I'm pretty antisocial, in crowds most of the time I just smile or have a blank face on. I only talk when talked to, I rarely initiate conversation (altho I'm much more sociable and friendly online for some weird reason).

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My best friend is Ying, she was from the same high school as me, but although she knew me (yes I'm so popular =P heheh nahhh~ more like notorious for coming late -__-"), I didn't know her back then, and we only got close upon coming to ANU. We both study Japanese and attend most of our classes together. I pretty much tell her almost everything, same goes to my boyfriend, who has also become my best friend.

Miscellaneous info..?

Ermmm, yah.. what else.... hmmm... I love animals, especially cats and kittens. Here in Canberra, I live with my maternal aunt Auntie Noi and her family, I have 2 cousins here under the same roof (Nadiah and Rayyan), and I also have 2 other aunts here in Australia (Auntie La and Auntie Rose), and under them I have 2 cousins and 3 cousins respectively (Adam and Alyssa; and Zach, Kathy and Jamie).

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My cousin Nadiah has a grey medium-long-haired cat called Chubby, who always sleeps with me on my bed, n she SNORES -_____-. really loud I tell ya -____-. I even recorded it =P.

My family is back home in Malaysia. After I graduate at the end of this year (IF I graduate, that is *cross fingers*), I'm most likely gonna return home to Malaysia. I badly wanna go to Japan though, really contemplating getting a job there or something. Well, we'll see how it goes I guess. Will most likely update in this journal if that happens.

I guess thats pretty much it about me and my life. As for personality, I guess you could tell the type of person I am from the entries anyway =P. Like how lazy I am and all, hehe =P.

Guess I'll end here. Having a pretty bad headache right now. Cyaz.