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Delete cancelled.

He finally turned off his asshole mode n smsed me last nite. n as easy as that, i have forgiven n forgotten everythin.

in other words, we're ok now. if he hadnt msged me by 12 midnite i wud have deleted everythin already. but i had some faith left that he wud somehow put his issues aside n come back n get me. n he did.

so yeah, the delete has been cancelled in light of new circumstances. i'll probly b back to my cheery silly self in no time =P. but neway, to all of whom this may apply, thanks for all d words of support, advice and encouragement. this also goes to ngai who had no inkling of all this happening but whose timely msg of friendship made me feel thankful that even tho i dont have many friends, the few that i do have are such special ppl that my life has been made worthwhile.

having said all i needed and wanted to say,...

YAY its time for SHOPPING~~~~~ \(^_____^)/ *jumps up n down*

shopping therapy. mmm~~ sooooo badly needed. *dRoOLz* ~__~

one day only sale for d whole of hyperdome >___< how good is that? \m/>___<\m/

i hope we do find things that tickle our fancy =/ it'd b a waste to go to a killer sale n not finding nethin that we want. =/

i have abt hmmm~ 744 in d account. if i do spend, i'll only spend $30-40 at most coz i wanna save d rest for queensland =). hey its not impossible, u know~ =/ have trust in me =P i can b a super-saver when i have to be. >=P

neway, better take shower, brush my teeth, n get ready soon. my les partner is meetin me in town at 1-ish. will update later if i bought nethin >=P heheheheh~~

alrightey-o~ onward we go~


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Aug. 13th, 2005 09:35 am (UTC)
1. You had a deadline for me? And when exactly were you planning on telling me abt? After the deadline was over? You overestimate my powers of clairvoyance...
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