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yup we're ok again.. i bet u the reader (not u mao -___-) wud probly b rolling ur eyes for the gazillionth time now =P.. i can imagine how its like..: one mmt they're ok then fight then ok again then fight *rolls eyes*.. wha? fighting again? pffttt they'll b fine.. they'll b making up n then fighting again in no time *rolls eyes*.. its always like that... *rolls eyes*..

mm its always like that.. its better if its always like that, than for it to stop being always like that =0. i think. at least we're still there, at least there's still love, even if everythin else has been thrown a million miles away in d midst of momentary angst..

or maybe im jus saying this becoz we're ok nw =P.. mm possible too. when ur in the 'fighting side' of the court, u'd whine or curse or pull ur hair out the fact that this fucking thing keeps coming up again n again n again n again x infinity^infinity.. u'd b all worn out, sick n tired, thinking y did i ever bother, feeling like giving up coz ur all empty.. but then when ur on the 'making up side' of the court, its a totally different world altogether.. the flowers are blooming everywhere, the air is fresh, the sun is warm, the breeze is cool, lil lovebirds are twittering a heavenly melody~~ =P heheh yup im exaggerating, but u get my point.. =0.

so yup, now we're ok n my heart is currently saying: we love each other, nuthin will come between us =) we can overcome a million more bumps on the road, a million more misunderstandings n we wud still get thru it n b able to stand back up n dust everythin off n go again.. of coz, the next time, u'll probly see me swear n curse n b my vindictive bitch self again.. n at that point of time u can be sure that these liteheaded thots floating me to cloud nine right now are nowhere near... i'd probly b thinkin the exact opposite.. doubts in my head whether we really are perfect together or if we're jus too different... i dont think it wud ever stop coz thats kinda part of me too.. so i jus have to grin n bear it too i guess =P..

neway my headache is makin me nuts n im also probly thinkin too much again so im gonna stop now since dong2 is back again neway.. on last note, i wud jus like to say thanks to u ppl who have been caring so much abt us.. i know its annoying to hear abt our fight-ok-fight-ok thingy over n over again =P.. n i find it amazing for those of u who, despite this endless repetitive vicious cycle, still kept on caring neway.. well yeah i guess i'll end here =P.. cyaz.