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Just the two of us

Tonight it's just me n zia. The Daddeh is on reservist, so I'm a single parent tonight. Miss him pretty bad. He always picks me up from the bustop after work, so when I didn't see him smoking his cigg waiting for me at the bustop today, it felt like something was missing. :(

Reminds me of the time I was stuck in parkway east hospital for 4 days after labour. That was more than 7 mths ago, but it feels like only yesterday. He stayed for as long as he could to keep me company, but they shooed everyone out by 11+pm. He would hold back tears in his eyes whenever he had to leave. It was very hard to see him leave, but it must be a thousand times harder on his heart to be the one leaving his jaundiced baby and post-traumatic-labour-recovering wife behind. I never needed him more, and vice versa. Though it was quite a traumatic labour, it brought us closer than ever before. Zia brought us closer than ever before. And you can imagine how happy we were when the doctor said I could finally go home. :)

Anyway, I've been so bz juggling classes, curriculum planning, ninja mums and qristal planning. Qristal is gonna open on 1st May, so now I'm busy doing up the program and fees. Renovations are complete, just need to clean up the whole place. Once qristal is up and running, Mama wants me to be the main person running it. Not sure if I will have the time, but I will have to make time.

Also thinking of getting a house in Jb. Maybe senibong cove, or a condo in danga city. Condo feels much safer to me, considering the high level of criminal break-ins in Malaysia. Will see how it goes. Am also applying for Malaysian citizenship for zia so that she gets dual privilege until she hits legal age. That way I also get to apply asb loan for her. Asb is just awesome, love the returns and dividends.

The daddeh recently scored a better paying job that pays more than double of his old pay. Alhamdulillah.. He's so happy he's already planning what to splurge on me and zia. :p Hopefully he loves the new job just as much as the pay.

Guess that's all I have to update for now. Things are looking good and I hope it will keep getting better. :)


May. 16th, 2013 03:03 pm (UTC)
I feel so moved by this post, and so happy for you guys :')