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Darah manis?

2011 so far seems to be a rather crappy year...
1) the JB house got broken into again.. more stuff stolen
2) there are more and more things to do at work.. increased responsibilities.. increased stress levels...
3) no more leave period in May... now we can only take leave in november..
4) things between me and the E/D2 have been crazy... almost everytime we meet, we end up in a fight..

So yeah... its been hella crap...

And I'm so not even in the mood to get married.. last year i was so excited to plan.. this year, i cant be fucking bothered...

Has the novelty worn off?

Women are actually easy to please.. Once they feel special, and treasured, they'll be yours forever.. But I don't really feel treasured anymore.. It's not that he looks at other girls, I never had a problem with that.. but I just don't feel as cherished as before.. does that make sense?

Neway, my longest relationship prior to this was 4 years.. so the past 7 years, well, they're definitely a new record.. but am I starting to get bored? Is he starting to get bored?

I still get him lil presents to surprise him.. no matter how crappy those lil presents may be... but he rarely ever get me anything for the past 3 years or so.. unless its a bday present...

Lately i feel like i have been subconsciously picking fights just so there is a lil bit of drama...

Maybe I need a break..


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Feb. 16th, 2011 02:13 am (UTC)
<3 <3
7 years kan? 7 year itch, that's all there is. =)

as ur senpai, marriage will make you feel even more neglected and bored (and aku baru kawin 2-3mths). really really. lagi2 bila kau find out more quirks abt E bila korang dah serumah. (i found out dila sleeps A LOT)

relax. darah manis works only if you truly believe the crap but play safe ok?

tapi 2011 mmg shitty. moms of 2 of my friends baru meninggal. nekcik aku kat pahang pun baru meninggal. and it's only feb. =\
Feb. 17th, 2011 03:21 pm (UTC)
Re: <3 <3
tu ah.. a lot of other ppl i know pon so far having a bad time.. even my colleagues at work.. aku lak bru dpt tau march hols aku tk dpt weekend off.. so skg marriage course yg aku plan 19/20th march tu affected.. bsok kne try tanye canne.. hopefully they will let me off somehow n find someone to take my classes.. sumer pon mcm siak.. haiz..........
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