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Haven't updated in a while.. Meant to update after my bday but no pictures to post (my camera batt was flat despite the fact that i charged it all nite).. This year's birthday wasn't as exciting as last year.. Last year i had like three or four cakes, celebration at the office in ocbc, at the restaurant with best buds, at kbox, and at home in jb, went out on a boat ride with d2, had yummy food, etc etc...

This year my family didn't celebrate my birthday with me, the people at the office didn't celebrate with me either, the only bday cards i got were from my best buds (ying, ngai) and from my prudential agent, the only cake i cut was a free cake from kbox that came with the bday package.. didn't get that many presents either compared to last year.. this year's bday was quite sad really if u compare it to last year.. but nonetheless, im happy that at least the people who matter still cares and that the inner sphere members (except sis who had rockclimbing comp) managed to spare some time for me and sing to me a bday song (in multiple languages xP)..

It seems as the years pass, bdays seem less and less exciting.. But i guess what matters most is that u still have people to celebrate it with.. and ppl who remember ur birthday and wish u happy birthday..

Anyway, update on other areas of my life..

work life: im still happy teaching.. love my kids/students aka darlings.. hate doing worksheets.. hate the extracurricular work activities.. hate the working hours and lack of off days and meal time..

love life: still has its ups and downs.. but not as extreme as previous years.. i dunno if thats a gd sign or a bad sign, but lets hope for the best.. dont wanna think abt marriage/wedding, dont wanna plan anything.. gna let d2 start the momentum going again when the time comes..

family life: so-so i guess.. pretty ok.. uneventful, wic isnt necessarily a bad thing.. but it may get crappy in august.. but again, lets hope for the best..

pet life: muffin needs a bath ._. and he's now so fat that he looks like a fat furry giant maggot..

..and that's all we have for this evening's news.. tune in again same time same channel for more groundbreaking updates~

..not. ._.


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Jul. 17th, 2010 02:14 am (UTC)
Jul. 17th, 2010 12:55 pm (UTC)
*hugs back*
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