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I don't give a fuck anymore..

Just had a fight with the E.

He doesn't want traditional bullshits, just a simple matrimonial and a small reception. Fair enough. I told him to tell his parents thats what he wants. No frills. And he tells me I haven't been listening, that I don't understand, that there's no way he can get what he wants.

You want nothing. A nothing but simple ceremony. How can that be so hard to achieve? Nothing is not hard to achieve seriously. I'm not being mean at all. Just frank. You dont want it, say it. If you say it, you'll get what you want. All's good. If you don't say it (becos u assume they would say no), then you will never know if they wud have said yes, and u wud have confirmed the fate of not getting what you wanted.

Me, on the other hand, I still want the dressing up part and going up on a small stage. Its almost every lil girl's dream - to be dolled up to be wed to her prince charming. As long as I still have the wedding i want, in jb, I'm happy.

So win-win right? He gets his no frills wedding in sg, i get my frilly wedding in jb. Ok what??

So i seriously honestly don't understand why he is kicking up a fuss abt it n telling me I'm not listening n not understanding everything he said.

He himself told me once - you don't like it, change it. do something abt it.

And yet when it comes to himself to heed his own advice, he fails. But he doesn't know it or admit it. He just keeps saying that there's no way for him to get what he want, and that I am not listening.


Seriously, i dunno if i still wanna go ahead with the wedding. If just planning our own wedding puts our relationship in such a turmoil as this, imagine how we'd be like when we have to face future obstacles in marriage, greater than this. Maybe love is not enough after all. I'm happy for D&N though. Not only do they love each other, but they are also excited to get married to each other. And just becos im happy for them, he told me to go n marry Dila. What the fuck?

Why was I the only one excited abt getting married? Well, doesn't matter, I'm not excited.. not anymore.


May. 30th, 2010 01:51 pm (UTC)
mak dia buatkan -_-
akunya no choice, nenek aku kene buatkan..mak aku dah tanya =(
May. 31st, 2010 02:48 pm (UTC)
hmm.. then maybe nasib kot.. or maybe mak dia betul nye believe that dia V so the sirih says so ._. ntah lah kan.. neway, pada aku ni sumer nonsense.. too bad i have a dad who believes in this kind of nonsense :(