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What is "The One"? How do you define "The One"? Who is "The One"?

Initially when I thought about this, I decided that the so-called The One = the one person whom you're meant to be with.. or in more makcik-pakcik terms - jodoh - the person you're meant to marry. But the more I think about it, the more I say to myself, "Surely, it has to mean something more than that, right?" Not just the person you end up marrying, but the person you want to be with for the rest of your life. After all, there are many cases where people are married against their will.

And is there only one The One in one lifetime? Or can there be more than one The One? If there can be more than one The One in one lifetime, should there be only one The One at one time, or can there be more than one The One at one time?

Is The One the one that is most compatible to you? The so called man/woman of your dreams? Or is The One the one that is not the man/woman of your dreams, but you just happen to love him/her enough to want to be with him/her despite the fact that there are so many things that you disagree on? Does the one you think is The One think that you are his/her The One? Does marrying The One mean that it's happy ever after? Are you both truly The One for each other or are you both just deluding yourselves because you are scared to be alone?

Is there a point in all of this?

Not really.

To be honest, I'd prefer someone who'd be there for me no matter what. And by no matter what, i mean, at all times be able to put me before himself, just like I put him before myself. I'd prefer someone who is understanding, accommodating, flexible, just like me. I'd prefer someone who would be there to comfort me at the end of a sucky day, cheer me up or make me laugh, or just make me forget about ever being sad or down about anything. My saviour, my prince charming.

What I got instead is a person who splashes cold water on me whenever I'm down, and say to me, "Wake up. Everybody has problems. Deal with it like everyone else." And that same someone is not very understanding, not very accommodating, not very flexible, and likes to practise double standards - he can do it, but i cant. If he does it, he's right, if i do it, im wrong. You get the drift. Most of the time he's nice, but when it comes to the crunch, and when it comes to choosing between you or himself, he'd choose himself.

And so i ask myself, is he The One? Most of the time, he is. But sometimes, especially on days like this one, I can't help questioning my own judgement.