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Japan :(

So... All the planning down the drain.

Not just planning for the trip, buying stuff for the trip, hotel booking, packing, etc, but lots of effort in terms of having to call up parents, rearrange makeup lessons, getting colleagues to takeover some lessons.. It's never easy for me to take leave from teaching..

Of all things to slip the mind...

Visa - the only time I ever needed to apply for one was 12 years back.. Back when I first came to Australia for my studies.. And that was a student's visa, different procedure. Since coming back from Australia, I've never travelled much. Even before Australia, I've never travelled much. Never been to Hong Kong, or Taiwan, or Europe, or Korea, or Bali, or even Thailand. And the only time I've gone to Indonesia was back when I was five. So for a very inexperienced traveller, dumb and obvious as it may be, visa was the last thing that crossed my mind.

Tomorrow is a new day. I'm trying to be optimistic but can't help but feel bad that I ruined the trip. I've always wanted to go to Japan, was so happy my dream was about to come true, only to realise I woke up from a dream in a dream.

Better luck next time. Holding a Malaysian passport sucks. It's so hard to travel anywhere, I feel like giving up my Malaysian citizenship and turning Singaporean.

And maybe I should quit my job too while I'm at it.