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hahahha just thot of typing that xD ...

WOW I can't believe its been soooooo long since I last stepped foot on lj... o_o

seems like a lot of things have happened since.. and although it wasn't that long a time, I feel like much has changed..

First of all, let me just say this.. considering there is only less than 2 months left to back out (haha), I must say that both d2 and myself are now rather prepared (mentally) to take the life-altering plunge.

Since the last entry, we've learnt to give and take, tried to be less petty over petty lil things, and so far, our efforts seem to be paying off (yay!).. I guess the reality of being stuck with each other for the rest of our lives has finally sunk in.. n we are getting along better than ever before (throws confetti~)..

Of course, we still do have our fights (without anger, violence and vulgarities, what fun would that be, right?).. but they're not as extreme or get dragged out as long as before.. so I must say we're doing rather well for a (7 years' old) couple =3

So... tomorrow will be the inevitable ROMM interview.. I'm not sure exactly what they will ask.. but I think I'm rather confident we will pass.. Why I'm confident? I dunno... but I just know we will.. :)

Hopefully no hiccups tomorrow in terms of the administration part.. I got all the cert n printouts n ic ready.. I think that should be all we need..

Looking forward to tomorrow.. sweet dreams! x)