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Marriage Course Cert. Check.

Done :
Wedding favours ordered.
Course cert obtained.
Cook (jb) booked.
Makeup / andam (jb/sg) -> Sis-in-law
Photographer booked.
Henna artiste somewhat decided

Outstanding :
Booking of kadi
Booking of void deck (sg)
Booking of cook (sg)
Invitation cards
Shopping for tray gifts
Hiring of entertainment (jb)
Hiring of canopy/plates n cutlery (jb)
Planning for honeymoon

I'm most looking forward to the last item :D the rest, not impt.. hahahha..
the crazy bridezilla mode has kinda faded off... more relaxed n laidback now.. but in a good kinda way..
i guess it has somewhat settled in on me how this whole extravaganza is just an exaggerated party.. whats more important is that the marriage actually work n the foundation needs to be so strong that it could pass the test of time..

I've done a lot of thinking too..

when i was younger (maybe 7?), i had an image in my head of what a perfect wife shd look like.. she cooks, cleans, is loving to the husband, never raises her voice or gets angry, smiles all the time, cares for her children, always nods n lowers her head when the husband scolds her or gets angry, even when she's right... n even if the husband cheats on her n goes out with another woman, she cries quietly on her pillow..

now? I think thats a pretty sad/pathetic image of a wife.. n after many years of observing, my hatred grew for husbands who treat their wives like that.. its not very fair how women always have to bow down to the male superiority complex.. n looking around, seems like other women feel the same way... that is why nowadays u have so many women/wives who nag n scold their husbands... its becos we've spent too much time watching our mums suffer before us...

so what abt me? what path shall i choose as a wife? what kind of wife should i be? at first, i was sure i would turn out exactly like my mum.. always loyal, always submissive, always bowing down to whatever that comes.. even to the point of accepting the fate of having to share her husband with another woman.. at first, i was sure i would do the same... but now, after watching for years, i changed my mind..

if he ever wants to marry a second wife, i think that will be the day when i stop loving him.. men has no idea the hurt, the pain, the trials and tribulations they impose on their wives when they marry another..

maybe thats why i fall for him in the first place.. cos i know he would never do the same.. i know that he wouldnt look at other women the same way he looks at me.. and that's just one of the many things i love abt him :)

i've also thought alot abt my own personality... i am pretty stubborn, esp when i know i'm right... that has been inbuilt in me since as young as 5 years old... n when im in my stubborn "i'm right" mode, i tend to push so hard for justice that i don't realise that it is at the expense of others' feelings...

when im wrong, though, it will be the extreme opposite.. i wud say sorry a million times, i wud cry for hurting others, n i would hate myself so much that i'd psychologically torture myself inside... not good either.. cos i'd be so fixated on punishing myself that i'd forget to do sth even more impt -- tend to the other person's feelings, n learn from my mistakes / work on my flaws..

guess all that shud change... that, as well as my general laziness... :p living for years alone / with a sis who is even more lazy is not very conducive in training to be a wife... but i should change.. shd get used to waking up early, making breakfast, cook, clean n keep the house very tidy n germ-free... when u live alone, u dont really care much abt the surroundings or even what u eat.. but that has to change..

marriage seems to be a lot of work... but if it means i get to see his face the first thing i open my eyes every morning... it's fucking worth it.



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Mar. 23rd, 2011 03:40 pm (UTC)

The last four words made me smile, and so did "planning for honeymoon". Having read the entire list, I must say the last item appeals to me most :P

You guys will do great ^___^

Ganbatte ne~

Mar. 23rd, 2011 04:02 pm (UTC)
Hai.. Ganbarimasu.. XD
Mar. 23rd, 2011 03:57 pm (UTC)
am i even more lazy ? =(
Mar. 23rd, 2011 04:09 pm (UTC)
At times je ah.. We take turns to be lazy~ XD u lazy to clear poo / wash dishes, but not lazy to cook.. I lazy to cook n fold laundry, but not lazy to clear poo.. Kira balanced ah ._.V
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