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I'm just a nobody, really..

Day 6 since the fight.. I wonder if he is keeping count too...

Still waiting..

He seems to be fine.. facebooking as normal.. enjoying life.. he said to me that day that he sacrificed a lot of fun in his life.. so i hope he's having fun now..

As for me, my life has always been rather boring.. i don't have that many friends.. I don't smoke, I don't drink either.. so I guess I'm not capable of understanding how much fun it is to drink to your heart's content.. and how much a sacrifice that must be to stop..

Other than dates with him, I don't go out that much either.. only once in a while with my colleagues, or once in a while with the bestie, or once in a while with family or cousins.. most of the days of most of the weeks of most of the months, I just do what I routinely do.. work. clean the house. play with muffin. sleep.

I was walking home from work today and I wondered.... what would happen if I just.. disappeared into thin air right this second and never came back?

What would happen then?

My parents would be sad.. my sister and brothers would be worried.. my best friend would be worried too.. and maybe my Kluang cousins.. Maths Hub will probly worry a minute or two about who will take my classes but that cud be sorted out rather fast.. my colleagues would be wondering where i am but after a week they'd probly forget abt me.. muffin would miss having someone clear his poop and feed him fresh biscuits..

thats pretty much the number of lives i would affect..

and its not like there's much to miss about my life either.. nothing fun.. no drinking, no parties... i guess he was right.. he did have more to sacrifice in his life than i ever had in mine..

wherever he is.. whatever he's up to.. i hope he's happier than me right now....


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Feb. 21st, 2011 01:03 pm (UTC)

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