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JobsCentral Personality Test

Update again.

As promised, I went to the Manulife interview this morning and aced it.. muahahahha...
The guy seems less irritating live ._. but his Singlish errors still irk me..
He wants me to come on Monday but I said I won't be in town, so he's agreed for me to come in on Tuesday instead.. He's gonna give me notes for Monday's tutorial and give me a mock test or sth.. *shrugs*..
This post is for mgmt trainee.. where they'll give me training for a year n the next year they'll promote me to mgmt level and I will have a team of my own to manage.. I'm still thinking whether I want to take up this post.. thinking... thinking...

Anyway, I got a resume request from Prudential so I approved.. Half hour later, my fone rang and this Serene lady wants me to come in for an interview tomorrow.. how efficient =_=
I'll go just to practise interview again.. at the rate I'm going, I'll be an expert at interviews in no time.. and hopefully, by then, I get a job interview for sth I really want..

I did the personality test on JobCentral.. and the results are shockingly accurate to the point that I am in denial ._.

Please read:

At a Glance

• Does not like too many work demands, prefers to work at own pace.

• Focused on tasks, persists until job is done.

• Detailed, meticulous and observant, quick to pick out abnormalities.

• Objective, but may appear detached.

• Empathetic, understanding, helpful and supportive.

• Does not seek positions of power or authority.

• Sees people as nice and friendly, not comfortable to wheel and deal.

• A good supporter of others.

• Likes intellectual discussions, likes to explore ideas.

 While at Work

Putting in a lot of effort to meet the demands of work is not Ms Buang's preference. She does not like to rush around doing things and may feel demotivated if work constantly encroaches on her personal life. Although she does not like excessive work demands, Ms Buang may still be prepared to put in extra effort if it is on a short term basis.

Ms Buang is relatively dependable to deliver results on time. She may sometimes be late in meeting deadlines.

Ms Buang persists with a task until it is completed. Determination, commitment and perseverance are her strength; hence she can be depended upon to meet work obligations. Ms Buang is suitable for long-term projects because she is sufficiently focused to see them through completion.

Ms Buang is likely to be quality-conscious and achievement-oriented. She is motivated to produce work that is of a high standard. She is observant, quick to spot errors and critical where work is concerned. She is likely to be meticulous, careful and pre-occupied with detail.

Ms Buang is an objective person who is impartial and rational. She speaks factually and often does not involve her own feelings and emotions. She may sometimes be perceived as distant or detached.

Ms Buang is sympathetic and considerate towards others. She is also likely to be tolerant, understanding and forgiving. Ms Buang lends support and offers help readily. She often lends a listening ear to others and is concerned about their welfare. She is also charitable.

Ms Buang is friendly and outgoing when she is with friends although she may at times prefer to be quiet.

Ms Buang selectively forms strong bonds with people although these bonds may not be very deep.

Positions of power, influence and authority are not Ms Buang's concern. She does not mind letting others assert authority over her. She is accommodating, laid back and easy-going.

Ms Buang is moderately concerned with prestige, rank and reputation.

Ms Buang sees people as friendly, reliable and honest. She is trusting and believes what people say. She tends to be unsuspecting of people.s behaviour and motives. She is uncomfortable when she has to wheel and deal.

A good supporter to the people around her, Ms Buang does not desire to lead or influence people. She is uncomfortable taking charge and does not feel the thrill of challenge in leading others. She prefers to responds rather than initiate. She looks to others to provide direction and does not naturally want to persuade or motivate others to take a certain course of action.

Intellectually inquisitive and extremely interested in knowledge acquisition, Ms Buang enjoys discussing hypothetical or theoretical issues. She is conceptual and likes to explore abstract ideas. Ms Buang is a thinker, creative and inventive of ideas. She enjoys reading and is happiest sourcing for new ideas and information.

Ms Buang puts in effort to plan ahead some of the times. She may at times not be as detailed in her planning.

Ms Buang is generally able to express herself although not to a high degree of eloquence.

You have received this report because you have completed your Personality Profiling on JobsCentral. You may or may not understand the information fully. However do take a moment to reflect bearing in mind that your decisions are based on these sub-dimensions. This report can help you understand yourself better once you start making use of the information. You can contact C-VAT at enquiries@c-vat.com for further assistance on interpreting this report. Consultation fees applies.
AHard Work5   DAffection10
BTime12   EEmpathy18
CFinish Job17   FSociability14
PGood Work16   GLoyalty14
HDominance9   LAbstraction18
IStatus15   MPlanning-Organizing11
JPolitics9   NExposition14
KLeadership6   OTolerance Ambiguity12


Personality test taken on : 29 October 2009
This report is generated on the JobsCentral Network of portals.


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Oct. 30th, 2009 03:23 pm (UTC)
The accuracy is indeed shocking =P

Nov. 6th, 2009 04:43 am (UTC)
It is huh.. o_o
But at the same time, I don't see how this helps to narrow down on what are the suitable jobs for me ._.
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